Thursday, June 23, 2016

Re-cap of the NJ/NYC VCDX workshop

The NJ/NYC VCDX workshop was a very successful event that we are very proud of. Even with a last minute cancellation, we were able to get an attendance of 10 very interested VCDX hopefuls. 

The venue, courtesy of Anton Z, was spectacular, and the two VCDX's (Niran Even-Chen and Agustin Malanco) that delivered the workshop were great at conveying the most up to date information while keeping the session lively. We were able to dive deep into the questions that the audience had; several details of the blueprint and the overall documentation process, which had stumbled our group, were cleared up. Thankfully, we were able to stay a bit later than anticipated and in the end everyone came out highly satisfied with the workshop!

I'm sure when we mention it in the UserCon (happening the very next day) more people would have attended if they could. If you are just hearing about this and would like to get involved with a group preparing for the VCDX certification, I'd love for you to reach out - we are still at a point were newcomers can get a lot of value. I'd also like to get your information so that we can prepare an "interested in VCDX" list for the VCDX program and submit a formal request for an official workshop for the area in 2017.

Below some pictures. Attendees were, from left to right:
Anton Z, Niran Even-Chen, Agustin Malanco, Jorvin Martinez, Carlos Munoz, Melissa Palmer, Azarya Shaulov/Ariel Sanchez, Ariel Antigua, Stalin Pena, Mike Martino and Ankit Mehrotra.

If I get any more pictures I'll post them here as well.


  1. Excellent job everyone!! Thank you for all who worked on getting this to be a reality. Though supported by the VCDX program, it was completely sponsored, arranged, and presented by those in our community! Thank you Ariel, Niran, Agustin, MIchael, and all who attended. Well done!!

  2. Thank you Karl, for helping make it possible. Hopefully you can show this blog post (and the original announcement ) to other regions that find themselves in the same boat and this means more VCDX study groups and ultimately VCDXs :)