Sunday, July 10, 2016

The NJ-NYC UserCon #vBrownBag Tech Talks videos are online!

As you may remember, we had the opportunity and pleasure of having recorded #vBrownBag sessions included as part of the agenda in the NJ-NYC VMUG UserCon last June 23, 2016. You can read all about it here.

Each presenter was told in advance that they only had 10 minutes to convey a "non marketing or sales, but technical, teach us something!" type of session. This type of presentation typically yields all manners of information nuggets which are hard earned and thus highly valued. This is one of the reasons why vBrownBag has grown so dramatically, both online and in actual conferences. You can read all about vBrownBag here, and sign up for future activities (online in several regions/ time zones, or for live conferences, such as VMworld 2016!). 

One thing that I was amazed of was how few people in the NJ and NYC area knew about vBrownBag. Once you delve into the vBrownBag community you will find that there is nothing else that provides this quality of content for so little (ie, free). Even though most will agree that vBrownBag started as a VMware focused podcast, the truth is it covers whatever is hot in the infrastructure management world, since it obeys the wishes of its community. There are several podcasts dedicated to Cisco, OpenStack, Devops topics and career advice. A big focus is also on helping people study for certifications, which is rare in the sense that you can cover all the blueprint items in one hour videos for the price of a Youtube search :)

What I personally love about vBrownBag is the flexibility and the sense of community you are able to create, even if across large distances! I'm blessed to have been able to learn from, contribute, and now also be part of the production behind the scenes. VMUG and vBrownBag have the same objective in mind, which is all about the user Remember that although vendors are allowed to present, the vast majority of videos were created by one of your peers who decided he could contribute some of his time to others.

Getting back on track - after taking the videos and attempting to insert the PPTs inside them so the slides were readable, we've uploaded them in the official vBrownBag Youtube channel and they are now available for everyone worldwide to enjoy. Thanks again to our presenters who so graciously accepted the opportunity to help others!

Speaker Twitter Talk Title (with link to video)
Prabhu Barathi prabhu_b "Network Virtualization – what it is and what it isn’t"
Julie Starr jmarions "Policy’s Security Groups: the key to NSX’s Service Composer"
Stalin Pena stalin_pena "Microsegmentación en VMware NSX" (spanish)
Anton Z IamAntonZ "Horizon View - Tips and tricks for power users"

  • Prabhu Barathi is an NSX SE covering the NYC area. He's the nicest guy you've met and he's doing an excellent job of helping vSphere administrators embrace NSX. He's going to condense all that experience and present on what NSX can do for your business problems.
  • Julie Starr is a firewall specialist within the VMware Network and Security. She has authored some of the firewall deep dive posts in the VMware blog. We're especially thrilled to have someone this technical go deep on one aspect of NSX and being able to record it for the world!
  • Stalin Pena is a VMware customer working in NYC. He has several certifications, most impressively VCIX-NV, and is currently pursuing his VCDX-NV. We're thrilled that he will offer his session in spanish, which is a first for the UserCon, and we will be able to record it for vBrownBagLatam!
  • Anton Z is also a VMware customer and a long time contributor to NYC VMUG events. He has presented three times, in each displaying the tricks and tips he uses to make surehe gets what he needs out of each version of Horizon View. In this talk he will give his best tips and tricks for the latest version.

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