Thursday, June 9, 2016

NYC/NJ VCDX Workshop confirmed for 6/22/2016

This year the NYC/NJ area did not get a sponsored VCDX workshop in the official VCDX calendar. Karl Childs, who manages the program, was however very helpful and tried to get one going with one month's time. When that was proving difficult, he was open to the possibility of the local VMUG group arranging a room and doing a workshop in "vCommunity" style.

One of our most active members, @iamantonz, offered a phenomenal space very near to the UserCon location (which happens the next day), and with the Karl's/VCDX program's blessing, a local double VCDX (#142), Niran Even-Chen, graciously offered to cover his transportation expenses and spend an afternoon giving us the workshop!

The vCommunity VCDX workshop for NYC/NJ details are as follows:

Date: June 22, 2016
Time: 12:30 - 4pm (starts at 1 pm sharp)
Address: 2 2nd St, Jersey City, New Jersey (this is actually much closer to NYC than it is for much of New Jersey)
Parking: there is street parking and paid parking in the same building
Who should attend: All people interested in the VMware Certified Design Expert program, either thinking of the future or already in progress
What should I bring: Lots of questions. It would be great if you are familiar with the VCDX application process so you can focus on more difficult questions
Capacity: ~10 attendees plus VCDXs (please coordinate with Ariel Sanchez through twitter to secure a spot)
But I don't have twitter You should! Go sign up.
Cost: In theory this is a free event (although there is no sponsor, we didn't have to pay for the space thanks to Anton). However, we will take the VCDX for dinner afterwards as a token of appreciation for their time and willingness, so if you want to help with the dinner bill you are more than welcome!

Will the VCDXs be able to review my design in this workshop? 
Unfortunately we have limited time, and also, sometimes current VCDXs are also panelists - this prohibits them from performing meentoring duties. I would suggest you join a local or internet group if you would like to share ideas with like minded individuals (contact your VMUG leaders, the #VCDX hashtag, etc.). There is a small core of VCDX hopefuls that have started meeting and most will attend this workshop so it's a great place to make these connections. Additionally, this link is a great place to start in getting a VCDX mentor.

How many VCDXs will attend?
Niran was instrumental in getting this going, as one is the requirement. However, he also brought us some great news - we are privileged and will also have the participation of another double VCDX, Agustin Malanco, VCDX #141. This is an excellent opportunity for the Spanish speaking community in the area since Agustin comes from Mexico and can answer questions in both English and Spanish. 

We are also reaching out for other local VCDXs who may attend - please contact @arielsanchezmor if you can make it. Also, we wiIl be having our big VMUG Usercon the next day, so I'm hoping that any other VCDXs that fly in can also drop in and give a hand and stay for a drink after. 

I will keep this post updated with any and all news. Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor and would be interested in providing a venue, paying for dinner, or both, please reach out to us as well!


  1. I'll be in the area and attending Thursday's VMUG. If I can get some free time Wed afternoon, I'll try to swing by the Bootcamp.

  2. awesome! I'll make sure to save you a seat :) i'll message you on twitter.