Thursday, June 16, 2016

vBrownBag TechTalks in the NJ/NYC Usercon!

This June 23 we're doing a new experiment in the NJ/NYC UserconTeaming up with vBrownBag, we have accepted four technical sessions that will be recorded and put later in the vBrownBag YouTube channel

This is similar to the TechTalks format that is used in VMworld and other conferences. The presenter gets up on a stage and gives a 10 minute, but highly technical, talk. Real state in the UserCon is always at a premium, but working with VMUG we were able to get a space in the "Hudson Foyer" (close to where registration and food is served, which is a high traffic area).

It's time to introduce the speakers. Each one of them has helped the area before in either VMUG sessions or local Social Labs.

  • Prabhu Barathi is an NSX SE covering the NYC area. He's the nicest guy you've met and he's doing an excellent job of helping vSphere administrators embrace NSX. He's going to condense all that experience and present on what NSX can do for your business problems.
  • Julie Starr is a firewall specialist within the VMware Network and Security. She has authored some of the firewall deep dive posts in the VMware blog. We're especially thrilled to have someone this technical go deep on one aspect of NSX and being able to record it for the world!
  • Stalin Pena is a VMware customer working in NYC. He has several certifications, most impressively VCIX-NV, and is currently pursuing his VCDX-NV. We're thrilled that he will offer his session in spanish, which is a first for the UserCon, and we will be able to record it for vBrownBagLatam!
  • Anton Z is also a VMware customer and a long time contributor to NYC VMUG events. He has presented three times, in each displaying the tricks and tips he uses to make sure he gets what he needs out of each version of Horizon View. In this talk he will give his best tips and tricks for the latest version.
Here is the detail on the NJ/NYC UserCon vBrownBag talk schedule. Please make sure to attend and take advantage of the opportunity to get questions answered and make new friends!

Time Speaker Twitter Talk Title
1:10 - 1:20pm Prabhu Barathi prabhu_b "Network Virtualization – what it is and what it isn’t"
1:25 - 1:35pm Julie Starr jmarions "Policy’s Security Groups: the key to NSX’s Service Composer"
1:40 - 1:50pm Stalin Pena stalin_pena "Microsegmentación en VMware NSX" (spanish)
2:45 - 2:55pm Anton Z IamAntonZ "Horizon View - Tips and tricks for power users"

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