Monday, April 3, 2017

April Whiteboard Session with the @nycvmug

Hello NYC VMUG Members, Friends and Future Members,

We're happy to confirm the details for our third NYC VMUG whiteboard session. We had a lot of success with these sessions that we're back by popular demand. Again, space is limited, as you can see from the photos, but this also means that everyone is paying attention and interacting with the person who is white boarding.

Here are the details:

  • Tuesday, April 3rd, 2017, 6pm
  • 500 7th Ave - very close to Times Square, so transportation should not be an issue
  • Space is limited, first come, first served. Please register with @NScuola @az_ny or @nycvmug to be added to security list before 4pm on the day of the event

The following is a re-post from our previous meetings, but it all still applies :)

This is not a traditional VMUG meeting with a sponsor; it's really just a small room with two whiteboards and a TV to connect the laptop, where fellow VMware users can come and discuss ideas, projects, or whatever suits their fancy. 

VMware User Group Whiteboard Meetings

Azarya has asked for permission to use rooms from work for smaller, non-sponsored whiteboard sessions in an informal setting. These are great for those studying for their VCP, VCAP and VCDX certifications, those who want to talk their VMware designs with peers, and to get more involved in the community and look for general help. They will be announced via the @nycvmug twitter handle - since they aren't sponsored there's really no requirement so we will try to have them monthly or every two weeks.

If you come, you will learn something, and meet someone, so it's a great opportunity. We have asked several of the VMUG members who have advanced certifications like VCP and VCAP to assist, in case there are people studying for the certifications who would like any tips or clarifications.

Once you register you will get the building security instructions. This event is free, but there is no sponsor. This means a couple of things; 

  • there is no set agenda, we don't know at what time we will be finished, it will depend on your level of interest in the current conversation. You are free to leave if you got what you wanted
  • you can count that we will look for a burger/beer afterwards, but since we're each paying for our own stuff, don't expect a big party, just some guys that got together in a bar to keep talking!

Really look forward to seeing you there and making these a normal occurrence. The power of community is amazing, and all you have to do is show up and participate. Make new friends, get a question answered, help someone else!

Please remember this is a technical event for VMware users and administrators to "geek out", not a networking or recruiting type of meeting. If there is any question please reach out to @NScuola @az_ny or @nycvmug :)

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