Saturday, April 8, 2017

04-04-2017 @NYCVMUG Whiteboard Session Recap!

We are happy to announce that our early-April whiteboard session which was held on 4/4/2017 was another success! These informal sessions are becoming very popular for a number of reasons. 

- People love coming to VMUG meetings.
- Having others look over your project plans and helping to vet them. 
- Hearing ideas that you may not of thought of. Some cutting edge topics are being discussed at these meetings that some users have never been exposed to.
- Just geeking out and talking tech with some like-minded individuals. 
- Having an opportunity to talk to SMEs in smaller group settings. How often do you get to ask a VCDX or vExpert questions in-person? (Correct Answer: Every VMUG Meeting!)

In this session we had the presence of some special guests - Niran Even-Chen @NiranEC, Dual VCDX and part of the CTO Ambassadors program at VMware, and Brendan Peterson @petes_revenge, Network Architect from Viacom, Inc. who helped spread some networking knowledge while learning some virtualization goodness in the process.

Topics ranged with each presenter: Multi PSC/vCenter migration, Network migration, DMZ design with Cisco UCS, VLAN migration, datacenter migration and NSX integration, Security & Compliance using the TLS Configurator Tool just to name a few. We also had a mix of VMware engineers, vendor SE's, network architects and a dual-VCDX from VMware!

From left to right: Omar Torres, Azarya Shaulov, Nick Scuola (Presenting), Mike Martino, Ariel Sanchez, David Aldrich, Dmitriy Yevseyev, Donald Bacha

Brendan Peterson, Network Architect from Viacom talking about some of his recent migrations with Dual-VCDX, Niran Even-Chen looking on.

Niran Even-Chen and Mike Martino discussing the options for moving a customer's datacenter and then implementing NSX at the new location.
L to R: Azarya Shaulov, Niran Even-Chen and Nick Scuola
Our gracious host, Azarya Shaulov discussing his datacenter migration and VLAN configurations at both locations.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Ariel Sanchez at his last NYC VMUG before making the move to Pittsburgh, talking about the TLS Configurator Tool and ESXi security & compliance. He was also amazed at the Smart Board technology while discussing the VMware KB article he references.

If you want to contact any of the guys in the photos, I will leave their twitter handles here, in alphabetical order:
Ariel Sanchez @arielsanchezmor
Azarya Shaulov @az_ny
Brendan Peterson @petes_revenge
David Aldrich @mako2big
Dmitriy Yevseyev @DmitriyYevseyev
Donald Bacha @donald_bacha
Michael Martino @wildcard78
Nick Scuola @NScuola 
Niran Even-Chen @NiranEC
Omar Torres @otorres540

As always, we really appreciate every person that came to share and help the others, and again Azarya for arranging the meeting space and making everyone feel welcome! We can't thank his employer, Touro College, and his management (and all in the IITS department) enough for fostering the spirit of user groups and the vCommunity. Learn more about the Touro College and University System at

We will continue doing these as time permits. Please follow the @nycvmug twitter account and attend the NYC VMware User Group meetings to keep up to date of when the next one will happen. As always, we really encourage creating a twitter account to get more involved with the vCommunity!

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