Wednesday, May 3, 2017

04-27-2017 @NYCVMUG Whiteboard Session Recap!

Back by popular demand, the @nycvmug Whiteboard session!

We held another Whiteboard Session last week at Touro College. This one was the best yet. Not just for the fact that there was a lot of in-depth technical knowledge being shared but a third of the room was filled with new faces. That's one of the great things about these meetings. You get to interact with people you normally would not get the chance to sit down and talk with. 

In this session we had the presence of some special guests - Niran Even-Chen @NiranEC, Dual VCDX and part of the CTO Ambassadors program at VMware, as well as Prabhu Barathi @prabhu_b who is a Senior Systems Engineer for NSX at VMware.
The topics discussed in this meeting ranged with each presenter: 
  • VPN Setup in an NSX Home Lab.
  • A deep dive into Broadcast Network Design and Traffic Flow at a media company
  • Broadcast Network Compute Discussion
  • Home Lab Setup on a budget
  • NSX VPN Termination at a service provider
These are just some of the topics we covered. The conversation didn't stop here though. We were geeking out so much that we decided to take the conversation to the bar. I think the people around us even learned a few things.

Here are some pics from the latest event.


 Azarya Shaulov talking about the NSX VPN setup he created in his home lab.
Selfie time with Dual-VCDX Niran Even-Chen.

VMUG Co-Leader, Nick Scuola providing some background on the compute environment running on this broadcast network.
VMware Senior SE, Prabhu Barathi showing how NSX can benefit this environment.

VMware Senior SE, Prabhu Barathi showing how NSX can benefit this environment.
VMUG Co-Leader, Mike Martino playing the NSX home game.
Prabhu Barathi and Peter Fochi talking about NSX VPN termination on a service provider network.
Nick Scuola, Brendan Peterson and Ivan Esquiel continuing the session on the Long Island Railroad.

If you want to contact any of the people in the photos, I will leave their twitter handles here, in alphabetical order:

Azarya Shaulov @az_ny
Brendan Peterson @petes_revenge
Dmitriy Yevseyev @DmitriyYevseyev
Ivan Esquiel @mlgSILVER
Juan Manon @ManonJuanE
Michael Martino @wildcard78
Nick Scuola @NScuola
Niran Even-Chen @NiranEC
Peter Fochi @pfochi
Prabhu Barathi @prabhu_b

As always, we really appreciate every person that came to share and help the others, and again Azarya for arranging the meeting space and making everyone feel welcome! We can't thank his employer, Touro College, and his management (and all in the IITS department) enough for fostering the spirit of user groups and the vCommunity. Learn more about the Touro College and University System at

We will continue doing these as time permits. Please follow the @nycvmug twitter account and attend the NYC VMware User Group meetings to keep up to date of when the next one will happen. As always, we really encourage creating a twitter account to get more involved with the vCommunity!

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