Wednesday, March 22, 2017

01-30-2017 Whiteboard session with the @nycvmug re-cap!

Our 2nd whiteboard session was a success as well! It is nothing short of amazing how just agreeing on a date and time to "talk about VMware" with no set agenda can yield interesting conversations and help everyone form ties in their local community. 

As a community, any chance we get to meet is important - when we get together, we share knowledge and help each other grow. This meeting format is great especially if you want to develop public speaking or whiteboard skills! This little time, invested once a month, will help your development as an IT professional.

In this session we had the presence of a special guest - David Aldrich, @mako2big on twitter, who works as an SE for Zerto, who the VMUG leaders met recently. David came in, not representing Zerto, but as an engineer who can help others. When we told him about this session, he was excited at the opportunity to hang out with everyone and made the commitment to show up with no other gain than meeting people. He was super cool and we hope to see him again, as well as any other vendor SE's in the area who want to get to know and help their local VMUG community.

Azarya, who was once again our gracious host, was also able to setup a live camera session - we actually had Nick Scuola attend this way! I attach some pictures of the session, which had some great conversations.

Topics ranged with each presenter: vCenter PSC/vCenter design for two sites, troubleshooting backup performance, designing backup solutions with existing hardware, and of course, we threw some ideas with Zerto too (we had to take advantage of David). Another thing that was super cool was that Azarya invited one of his network engineers to our meeting and he was able to interact with a bunch of VMware nerds :)

If you want to contact any of the guys in the photos, I leave their twitter handles here, in alphabetical order:

Anton Z @AntonZnyc
Ariel Sanchez @arielsanchezmor
Azarya Shaulov @az_ny
David Aldrich @mako2big
Michael Martino @wildcard78
Nick Scuola @NScuola 

left to right: David, Anton, Ariel in the TV taking the photo, Azarya, Michael, and 

We really appreciate every person that came to share and help the others, and again Azarya for arranging the meeting space and making everyone feel welcome! We can't thank his employer, Touro College, and his management (and all in the IITS department) enough for fostering the spirit of user groups. Learn more about the Touro College and University System at

We will continue doing these as time permits. Please follow the @nycvmug twitter account and attend the NYC VMware User Group meetings to keep up to date of when the next one will happen. As always, we really encourage creating a twitter account to get more involved with the vCommunity!

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